Common Obstacles to Conversion

Some people might ask: if Catholicism is true, couldn’t one convert a person to Catholicism just by showing them all of the facts about Catholicism?  Not necessarily.  It is true that Catholicism is true but often there are many obstacles that prevent a person from embracing the truth.  Here are a few obstacles that are hard for people to overcome in order to convert to Catholicism:

1. Pride. One obstacle is that the person would have to admit they were wrong. This is one of the greatest challenges since pride dwells deeply within the hearts of men.

2. Hard work. It requires a great deal of effort to work through all the caricatures and to really find out why Catholics believe what they believe. For example, it is easy to dismiss the Catholic belief in relics by simply saying they are superstitious, it is much harder to actually look into the issues and see if it is a Biblical concept.

3. Apathy. The majority of people don’t care enough about truth in order to see if they are wrong and if Catholicism is true. Let’s face it, most people, at least in America, are more concerned about the next reality show coming on or the next football game than things like Catholicism.

4.  Livelihood:  Sometimes, people may have their livelihood tied into their current beliefs, for example, they might be a Protestant pastor.  If this is the case then it is hard to truly consider the merits of Catholicism if it will put their income in jeopardy.

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