Orthodoxy’s Fatal Flaw

Eastern Orthodoxy is often a tempting option for those Protestants who see the bankruptcy of Protestantism but are not prepared to consider converting to Catholicism.  One must admit that Eastern Orthodoxy carries more weight than Protestantism’s individualistic mentality, after all, Orthodoxy in theory has a hierarchy that can assemble in council in order to settle controversies and bind the consciences of the faithful.  However, the fatal flaw of Orthodoxy is that there is no objective way to determine which council of Orthodox Bishops is binding on the faithful, whereas, in Catholicism one can know which council is binding by simply pointing to the council approved by the Bishop of Rome.  Without an objective way to determine which councils are binding and which councils are not then at the end of the day the Orthodox essentially end up in the same boat as Protestants with one group of Orthodox claiming a particular doctrine is binding while another group of Orthodox claim it is not.  This is the fatal flaw for the Orthodox churches: who determines what is an ecumenical council in order to know what is binding on the consciences of the faithful?

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