Reflection on 1 Chronicles 28:11

“And David gave to Solomon his son a description of the porch, and of the temple, and of the treasures, and of the upper floor, and of the inner chambers, and of the house for the mercy seat” (1 Chronicles 28:11)

Literal Sense: Though David was not allowed to build a temple for God, he gave his son Solomon a detailed description on how it was to be built.

Allegorical Sense: The porch is Christ who is our entry into heaven.  The temple is the church where the Holy Spirit lives.  The treasures in the temple typify God who is the Christian’s eternal reward.  The upper floor is a type of those in heaven who have reached a higher level of reward due to a higher level of holiness and good works than others.  The inner chambers represent the secrets of God which are hidden and only revealed to those who persevere and the Holy of Holies prefigures the beatific vision of God.

Moral Sense: As David passed on to his son Solomon God’s plans for the temple, we too must pass on God’s word to our progeny.

Anagogical Sense: David’s description passed onto Solomon points us forward to all of the heavenly mysteries mentioned in the allegorical sense which the earthly temple typified.

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