Reflection on Ezekiel 40:47

Harley 461   f. 29v   Temple“And he measured the court a hundred cubits long, and a hundred cubits broad foursquare: and the altar that was before the face of the temple.” (Ezekiel 40:47)

Literal Sense: The altar of sacrifice is described as in front of the temple, just as the altar of sacrifice in Solomon’s temple was situated in front of the temple.

Allegorical Sense:  This demonstrates that it is necessary that one encounter the altar, or the sacrifice of Christ, before they can enter the temple, that is the church.

Moral Sense:  The encountering of the altar before the temple instructs us to continually present our bodies as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1) before we enter the heavenly temple, which is heaven.

Anagogical Sense:  Like the allegorical sense, it is necessary that we receive the sacrifice of Christ before we can enter into the heavenly temple.

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