Pope Benedict Vs. Pope Francis?

Practically all secular news agencies have an agenda to create a dichotomy between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  The former they protray as rigid and closed-minded and the latter as easy going and open to change in dogma.  Neither mold is accurate but it is part of the secular agenda to promote liberalism.  Recently, Father Z listed some of the things Pope Francis has done that doesn’t fit the secular mold, the article can be found here.  Below is the list Father Z gives:

  • an excommunication of the priest who supports “gay” marriage and women’s ordination
  • an extemporaneous jaunt into the streets of Rome to meet an anti-abortion march
  •  an explicit affirmation of the impossibility of women’s ordination
  •  a public endorsement of Summorum Pontificum
  •  a speech to Catholic physicians not to perform or cooperate in abortions
  •  a call for a “profound” theology about women (read: a good theology that isn’t, as he put it “female machismo”)

These are points that do not fit the secular portrayal of Pope Francis and therefore they do not get mentioned in the media.  Keep these points in mind next time you come across a fluffy Catholic or secular humanist that says Pope Francis is a liberal.

2 responses to “Pope Benedict Vs. Pope Francis?

  1. You could add to this list re-affirming the LCWR reform

    • Very true. I wonder how the LCWR is going to spin the fact that Pope Francis excommunicated a priest in Australia a few days ago for some of the views they espouse.

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