Where is the Passion of Today’s Catholics?!

I am currently reading Denis Couan’s book The History and the Future of the Roman Liturgy published by Ignatius Press and I was taken back by a part where the author notes the Catholics of Prato, after the Synod of Pistoia in Italy which decided among other errors that the altars should not be highly decorated and relics should not be seen, invaded the Cathedral and prevented these changes from being made.  Later the Pope condemned the Synod of Pistoia, which implicitly justified the insticts of the laity to protect the altar and the relics.  In the wake of Vatican II, when many Churches went beyond the reforms called for by the council, by destorying many beautiful altars and statues, why didn’t the laity fight for their churches like the Catholics of Prato.  Why don’t the today’s laity oppose the liturgical abuses going on in their churches like the Catholics of Prato?  This begs the question: where is the passion of today’s Catholics?!

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