Dissension is Hypocrisy

There are numberous dissenters in the Catholic Church who consider themselves Catholic, yet have departed from the Catholic faith. Many of these dissenters do not see a problem with remaining in a Church with which they have substantial doctrinal and moral disagreements. For example, the Church officially teaches contraceptives are not to be used (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2399), yet many Catholics oppose this teaching of the Church and believe they may remain Catholics. This raises a moral question: are not those who knowingly dissent from the official teachings of their professed religion acting dishonestly?  Isn’t another word for dishonesty in this context “hypocrisy” making such a one a Pharisee, the  epitome of hypocrisy?  Furthermore, one must ask, if obstinate dissension is hypocrisy, hypocrisy is contrary to love and God is Love, doesn’t this mean obstinate dissenters are moving in a direction away from God rather than towards God?  Let us pray for our dissenting brethren who are on a dangerous path if they do not repent.

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