New Mass for UK Ordinariate

Image retrieved from the Ordinariate's website

Image retrieved from the Ordinariate’s website

The Anglican Ordinariate in the U.K., in full communion with the Pope, revealed their new mass yesterday. One of the best things about the new mass is that it includes elements of the Tridentine Mass, as a new article on the Ordinariate’s website notes “[t]raditional elements of the Roman Rite such as the Last Gospel and the preparatory Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, options within the Ordinariate Use, were also included.”  This great news to anyone who is a lover of liturgical tradition and wishes to see more of a continuity between the masses celebrated today and masses celebrated prior to the Second Vatican Council.  Perhaps the new mass of the Ordinariate will slowly influence the Novus Ordo masses toward a hermeneutic of continuity.  See here for the original article by the Ordinariate!

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