Catholicism and Way of the Master/Wretched Radio

As a former Protestant, I use to listen to the Way of the Master Radio habitually. I have probably logged hundreds of hours of listening time with the Way of the Master Radio and later Wretched Radio with Todd Friel, for which I use to have an online account. In fact, I still have a bunch of their DVD’s that I purchased a while back. I say all of this by way of preface in order that it might be established I know a lot about the Way of the Master and Wretched Radio. I must say Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron and Todd Friel are very good people with sincere intentions and their zeal for what they understand to be truth should be applauded and imitated by all Catholics.

It seems to me that they sincerely care about the souls they evangelize but they are sincerely wrong on some doctrinal issues, and especially on their view of Catholicism. For example, Ray Comfort in one of his videos on-line, found here, says that Catholics are not Christians. His proof that Catholics are not Christians is that some Catholics speak of themselves in opposition to Christians. Basically, Ray Comfort proves that Catholics are not Christians by referencing ignorant Catholics who do not know that Catholicism is a form of Christianity. This raises a question: should apologists for a particular faith use the worst resources that a different faith has to offer in order to refute that faith or should an apologist use the best resources that a different faith has in order to refute what they believe? For example, as a Catholic, I would find it unfair for a Catholic apologist to refute Protestantism based upon the comments of a lapsed Protestant. It is only fair to use the best resources Protestants have to offer, such as catechisms, confessions or other official publications in order to refute Protestantism. Likewise, it seems unbecoming of people, such as Ray Comfort, who use ignorant Catholics they meet on the street as a standard to refute Catholicism.  I hope they will realize that they need to have higher standards in their refutation of Catholcism and will consider using offical resources of the Catholic Church in order to attempt to refute it in the furture.

As a side note, the matter of whether or not Catholics are Christians in and of itself is hardly worth addressing and suffice it to say, if Catholics aren’t Christians, where were the Christians before the Protestant Reformation, which gave rise to Ray Comfort’s sect?

4 responses to “Catholicism and Way of the Master/Wretched Radio

  1. There is no difference between catholicism and the heresy of “lordship salvation” as found among protestantism/Friel/Comfort/MacArthur/Cameron/and so on.

    They all teach works for salvation, which cannot save (Romans 4:5).

    Even the moniker “protestant” is stupid. I’m not a “protestant”, since the Bible didn’t come from catholicism (catholicism came along 300 years after the completion of the BIble, despite what catholic “history” taught you), and I was never a catholic person myself.

    I have Jesus (John 3:16). I don’t need your catholic or protestant religions.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for writing. I would like to clarify that Catholics do not believe in salvation by works. The Council of Trent states that salvation is by grace. We do not believe in salvation in works like the people Paul was refuting in Romans who were saying that we have to follow the works of the Law (the Law of Moses) in order to be saved. Catholics agree with Paul that this is a false gospel.

      I have Jesus too, and since I have him I obey the Church he formed in Matthew 16:18-19, so I wouldn’t see having Jesus as being opposed to needed Catholicism. Being a Catholic is a faithful response to Jesus in other words.

      Also, the Bible did come from the Catholic Church and this is an historical fact. If you study the history of the canon of the Bible you will see that it was Catholic Bishops in Rome, Carthage and Hippo at the end of the fourth and fifth century that determined the canon. Before then, there wasn’t a single agreed upon canon in the Western Church. We have the Pope and the African Bishops to thank for that.

      One question I have for you as a non-Catholic is: how do you know which books of the Bible belong in the Bible?

  2. The Bible was determined by the apostles, not by any “counsels”. You weren’t there, so you go by the word of man. Man told you, all you know. Lying man.

    Grace cannot be attained by works (Romans 11:6). If you do works as part of salvation, you reject grace. Catholicism rejects grace. The council of trent states that anyone that asserts that they are saved by the merit of only Jesus and His work, is anathema. Thus, the council of trent put an anathema on the Bible.

  3. You mention alot of things, lets try to deal with one at a time. The Bible was not determined by the Apostles, part of it was written by them but the Apostles never sat down and said this belongs in the Bible and this does not. Also, please do not try to discern my motives and accuse me of being a “lying man”. Let’s try to avoid ad hominems here and be a little more gracious.

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