2 Kings 12:3 On Modifying the Liturgy to the Culture

“But yet he took not away the high places: for the people still sacrificed and burnt incense in the high places.” (2 Kings 12:3)

A very serious scandal, though often overlooked by many, in the Church today is the modifying of the sacred liturgy to make it more palatable to the modern culture.  Though there is an element of truth to the need to adapt the liturgy to the people of today, this truth is often abused to the point that the liturgy becomes less focused on worshipping God and more focused on what appeals to the modern culture.  This is by no means a new problem but was an issue with the people of Judah as well.  God commanded His people in Deuteronomy 12:10-14 to sacrifice only at the place he appoints when they enter into the Promised Land, but the people failed time and time again to adhere to this command and instead worshiped at the “high places” just like the pagans nations around them.  Instead of focusing on what would be the right way to worship God, the people of Judah were more concerned about what would make them more like the modern culture of their time.  In a similar way, many have abused the liturgy out of concern to the modern culture to the point that it neglects proper worship due to God.  This is unquestionably an issues which Catholics must combat and strive to promote purity in liturgical worship.

2 responses to “2 Kings 12:3 On Modifying the Liturgy to the Culture

  1. It is especially difficult when the laity comprise the majority of people interested in this. Glorious is the vocation of the priest, but terrible is his judgment should he squander it.

    • I know a priest that I fear may have squandered it. He seems to see a dichotomy between following the Church’s liturgy and loving one another. I guess I don’t see these as mutually exclusive.

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