A Solution to the Liturgical Crisis?

I proposed the following question to a well known Catholic priest and liturgist, who seems to have his finger on the pulse of what is going on with the liturgy these days.  The question and the answer is posted below, though I kept the name of the priest confidential:

I’ve often wondered, why doesn’t a group of liturgists, such as those at the New Liturgical Movement website, take the 1962 missal and apply the appropriate changes from Vatican II to them and submit it to a Bishop who can propose it to the Holy Father on a trial basis for those Bishops and priests who would like to heal the gap between the usus antiquior and the Novus Ordo? The worst that can happen is that the Pope says “no” and the best that can happen is that it solves the liturgical crisis in the Church between the two forms of the Roman Rite. If it is the Lord’s will, it will catch on like wildfire, increase vocations, bring greater reverence to the liturgy, etc. Is this feasible? Thoughts?

Father responsed by saying:

I know that some proposals for a “reform of the reform” type liturgy have been published, but I’m not aware of any having been submitted to the Holy See, as you suggest.

Sorry to say, but I don’t think it would get past first base in Rome these days, for reasons I can’t get into here. You have a fair enough proposal, but one which would be politely ignored if postulated on paper. (Under Benedict XVI my answer would have been different.)

Unless a bishop just did it of his own initiative and called it “mutual enrichment” and wrote to his brother Francis and told him that this is what he was doing without asking any permission but expressing communion and fraternal sentiments. But where can we find such a bishop who could do so without his priests and people decrying him as “divisive” and ‘against the Council’?

If this is true then we need serious prayers and sacrifices to be offered up for Holy Mother Church because if there are possible solutions to the liturgical crisis and the powers that be would block these solutions from happening then we are in serious sin for failing to do that which is good and just.

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