The Upcoming Schism

The more the days go by, the more it becomes clear that there are really two groups of Catholics in the Church militant. There are those in the church, including some of the hiearchy, that are Catholics in name but not in their hearts. This group in the Church militant has been given the sacraments but they have not, or no longer, respond to God’s grace because they insist on rejecting God’s word which is spoken through the Magisterium. Then, there is another group that has also been given the sacraments but is trying to follow God and be obedient to His word as it is revealed through the Magisterium.

As it is right now, these two groups in the Church militant are at odds with each other, Bishop against Bishop, priest against priest, layman agains layman. One group is bent on making the Church in line with the world and out of line with God’s word, the other group is determined to bring the Church in line with heaven and God’s word.

This highly indicates there will be a major schism in the Church. Many of the Bishops, priests and laity will leave the Church and the Pope to form their own church made in the image of their own sinful hearts, the other group will remain faithful to the Pope and will continue to make the Church according to the image of the Church triumphant.

Given the likelihood of this future schism, it is incumbent upon all who care about souls to pray for those that will be significantly impacted by this potential schism in the Church.

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