Missa Gangsta Rappa

Some has suggested that the style of music used in the Mass may vary based upon the tastes of the people attending the Mass, or based upon the people that the church desires to evangelize.  This view has given rise to what can be dubbed a Missa Rock ‘n’ Rolla, Masses with Rock ‘n’ Roll music designed to evangelize youth.  I do not question the sincerity of those that believe Rock ‘n’ Roll Masses are suitable for the Mass out of a desire to evangelize others.  Surely, their desire to bring other to Christ is a good desire, but the means they use to evangelize is what should be questioned.  The phenomena of Rock ‘n’ Roll Masses raises many questions, one of which I would like to ask those who sincerely believe Rock ‘n’ Roll Masses are suitable for the sacrifice of the Mass.  My questions is: should we also have Rap Masses for those that identify with rap music more than Rock ‘n’ Roll?  If so, do you sincerely believe this style of music is suitable for the Mass?  If not, upon what basis do you accept Rock ‘n’ Roll Masses, but not Rap Masses?

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