Here is what others are saying about various reflections on Sacred Scripture below:

“Michael Lofton has undertaken an ambitious work, fueled by the noblest desires. He wants to receive and understand the Holy Scriptures as they were received and understood by the early Christians. He wants to read the texts in the spirit in which they were written and preached. Thus he has taken up the Church’s most ancient methods of reading the Bible. Now he wants us all to share the excitement of his discovery” – Mike Aquilina, author, The Fathers of the ChurchThe Mass of the Early Christians

“Michael Lofton has given us a fine set of reflections on selected Scriptures that make use of the Church’s tradition of the Four Senses of Scripture.  Use it to come deeper into the heart of the word of God.” – Mark P. Shea, author, Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did

“Michael Lofton has a wonderful gift and ability that not many people have, to see into the Scriptures and bring out multiple senses that are not only the obvious intentions of the author, but the deeper not so obvious meanings that speak to us at a spiritual level as well. And unlike very few writers of any generation that I have read, he can communicate all these senses of Scripture in a concise manner that packs tons of insight into very few words! These reflections on Scripture written by Mr. Lofton will be a blessing for anybody who reads them!” – John Litteral, Editor of the Douay-Rheims Study Bible


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